Where Is Kim Kardashian?


Since canceling her Australian appearances and returning to LA, Kim is MIA.

She went to great lengths at LAX to conceal her true location, switching cars mid-ride to lose the paparazzi, and disappearing to a secret hideout indefinitely.

Reports say that in the wake of filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, Kim will be hiding, completely shielded from public view for the first time in her adult life, until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie Marriage Counselor.

That means missing her mother’s birthday and Lamar Odom’s birthday dinner.

Sources say the attention surrounding the divorce is “just too much for her.”

Only her family and a few close friends know where she is. Perhaps most astonishingly, she hasn’t even allowed a reality TV crew to film any of this.

She really just wants to be left alone and thinks that the public and the media are being too harsh on her in this most difficult time. But are we?
Courtesy: thehollywoodgossip.com