Why Wedding Dresses Have Gotten Skankier Over Time


A woman’s wedding day is supposed to be the best day of her life. From the friends and family to the decor to the reception–it should be a day of celebration and beauty, especially her wedding gown. Traditionally a representation of virginal virtue and purity, over the years wedding gown designs have gotten to be a little more, let’s say, impure.

Today Fast Co. Design investigated the history of the skanky wedding dress and found that starting around the 1990s the purity trend for wedding dresses stared to fly out the window.
Because women were making higher salaries (and paying for their own dresses) and more weddings included dance parties at the reception, brides decided they wanted designs that could accommodate their personal fashion sense–good, bad, and ugly–and their need to do the electric slide barefoot at midnight. Enter the strapless, spaghetti strap, and slinky wedding dress–modern design elements that allowed the bride to feel sexy yet maintain her sense of virtue (white is still the color of choice for most brides).

For more on the history of wedding dresses, including how in 1840 Queen Victoria ushered in the trend of royals wearing white wedding dresses, head over to Fast Co. Design for the full story.