Why We’re Officially Obsessed With ‘Boy’ Brows


We’re convinced that brow sculpting is an arts and crafts project designed to seriously test our patience and artistic abilities.

While there are a handful of us who are advanced in the subject matter, most of us will fall right on the bell curve because our brow sculpting game is below basic. If you happened to be an individual who can’t seem to master an identifiable arch or is struggling with comprehending the whole concealer trick thing, simply retire to the latest brow tend, “boy brows” –an effortless and good looking alternative for the brow impaired.

Boy brows are basically exactly what they sound like—semi-groomed, a little wild and limited makeup. Just go with your brows natural flow, fill in between hairs for body and tweeze sparingly. Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne are well known for the bold brow style that’s totally contrary to the thin brow look of the ’90s.

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