Why Zendaya Speaking Out Against Photoshop Means So Much In Fashion


Another day in fashion, and yet another controversy we have to address. Earlier this week, style enthusiast Zendaya Coleman took to Instagram to speak against alleged photoshopping done to a photo of her in Modeliste magazine. The 19-year-old posted side-by-side photos of her original shot as well as the edited image that was set to run in the mag’s latest issue, addressing the evident edits made to her legs and torso.

Of course, once the controversial photo hit the fan, the glossy issued a response apologizing to Zendaya and her fans, as well as announcing that “the photos had been retouched to an extent that was not acceptable” after being submitted by an ‘independent’ editing company.

While it seems that the issue was professionally handled – especially since this wasn’t the first time Zendaya had to address controversy – we couldn’t help but to think about the underlying problem here: fashion’s obsession with photoshopping images. When it comes to the style industry’s history of retouched photos, there’s a long roster of popular brand’s that’ve been under fire (H&M, ESPN magazine, Glamour magazine, Instyle – the list could literally go on).

And with society making an effort to embrace the transparency of individualism, it makes us question when will the retouching be put to a stop. What we can point out is that with said situation and similar ones, there does seem to be some good that comes out of it. Zendaya’s effort to stand up for what she believes in essentially encourages women all over to appreciate themselves for who they are. And if you ask us, that’s always a plus.

According to Modeliste magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, the publication decided to temporarily hold the issue’s release until the images are restored to their original state. We’re just hoping the resolved issue opens up plenty more conversations about what fashion needs to improve.