Windows Phone 7 “Mango” reviewed

When we look at Windows by phone a year ago, we liked what we saw, but acknowledged that there were over some gaps and rough edges. While the platform has attracted developers and applications, with over 30,000 titles in the App Store, popular among consumers has been more difficult to find. Although there is evidence that the platform is at least appear on the radar of buyers, the actual sales remain low.

Phone Windows 7.0 was a perfect launch. Desirable characteristics of the head cut and paste, and perform multiple tasks, had disappeared. There was an SDK and development environment that was easy to use but limited in scope, the applications could not access the camera and limited network connections, which could, for example. The launch of the first update, which added to the copy and paste, was anything but smooth, with delays, inconsistencies, and even the occasional brick phone. Living with Windows Phone in the first year of its release is destined to live with some compromises.

A new approach

But there were pay-offs to be had. Windows praised Phone user interface clean and fresh, unapologetically avoided the appearance and interface of other smartphone platforms, Microsoft made sure that the Windows Phone is not the aesthetics of a simple IOS knock-off.

More fundamental is the Windows interface of the phone is not built to be just another application launcher. How the iPhone makes you dive into a multitude of applications, your contacts in one application, their updates to Facebook in another, and their tweets in a concept of non-Windows phone is to combine data from different services so that makes sense.

Thus, for example, is not a Windows phone address book. What takes place is the town hub. Contact Center provides an integrated view of all your contacts (who come from Facebook, Windows Live, Exchange, Gmail or Yahoo), but goes beyond the address book of law concept of integrating social networks updates. Not only is it where you will find the phone number of someone, this is where you discover what your friends.

The same goes for pictures hub. Yes, your camera roll is there, but you can also manage the images shared on Facebook or SkyDrive, you can see the pictures your friends took, and you can see who scored in the photographic operations drunken idiocy.

Some of the promises, unfortunately, in fact not delivered immediately. We were promised the complexity of the hardware (something to offer Android, but not the iPhone), combined with timely, reliable, universal access to updates (which is offered by the iPhone, but Android does not). Eventually, we got a little ‘of both, even if the update of the supply fell short of expectations, and less updates (only feature updates have been made before releasing the Mango) and poor availability of these updates (node ​​update available to all in the end, but it took months longer than it should have).

The interface and basic concepts that have done something different from Windows or Android Phone IOS. However, the functional differences mean that Windows Phone is not really better together than iOS or Android.

Enter Mango

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”, the first major update to the platform, is now available. It is great opportunity for Microsoft to make a difference, a chance to ensure that the Windows Phone is as good or better than the competition across the board. The company says the new version has over 500 new features while we’re not quite sure of that number, it is certainly a major upgrade for users and developers.

With the manga version, Microsoft had to do several things. Programming in front of the two focal points. First of all, he needs to eat to remove the “but” to remedy the deficiencies, so that recommendations can be WinPhone incompetent. Second, is to consolidate the benefits of the current Windows Mobile-slick user interface, the hub system, integration and information sharing.

Software alone is not sufficient to drive demand for mobile Windows, however. Having the right equipment is essential. This does not mean that the material must necessarily be revolutionary, but it must be undesirable. Microsoft needs good looks, catchy phones, people want to own.

Finally, Microsoft needs to market the product as well. Windows Phone IOS is not a knock-off, and that’s a good thing, but it is something that needs explanation. Buyers should know how Windows Phone is different and why they matter. Icons fools and data silos are the norm Smartphone, Microsoft have to show people that there is a different way. And there may be a better way.


Multitasking, copy and paste, set a better browser, applications that are notable omissions to your Windows launched last year. Copy and paste was introduced in the updated node, leaving the multitasking, immobilization, better browser, and applications such as “great” features you are looking for technicians and early adopters. The real importance of multitasking and attach all night is a bit dubious long iPhone did not have, and did little to diminish its appeal.

But they have a role in their daily use. What kind of people who care about these features are the same people who accept the new technology, and early supporters of it largely to their friends, colleagues and family. In many cases, they are the kind of people who are completing the rating and feedback forms on the web or a blog on their latest gadgets. Making sure that the windows of the properties are all full, we guarantee two things that these people are willing to give the product a shot, and do not have to get their recommendations. It puts an end to “Windows Mobile is good, but can not do this or that, or something else.”

Mango is all about.

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