‘World’s Oldest Torah’ Discovered!


Report have surfaced that the University of Bologna in Italy has discovered what it says may be the oldest most complete set of Judaism’s most important text, the Torah. According to a professor at the university the scroll which was in the library may have been mislabeled.


The scroll which was previously thought to be no more than a few hundred years old had carbon dating tests done. It was then discovered that the text may have been written more than 850 years ago. Mauro Perani, Professor of Hebrew at the university said this would make this latest discovery the oldest known Torah in existence and it was an object of extraordinary worth.


In 1889 it is believed that the then librarian Leonello Modona had examined the scroll and dated it to the 17th century. However when it was recently examined it was found that the script used was that of the oriental Babylon tradition which means the scroll is extremely ancient.