Would You Wear Jeans Made From Coffee?

We knew our coffee addiction was good for something.

American Eagle has just announced their Denim x Café line with the help of celebrities Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens. Using recycled coffee grounds, the java-infused jeans have a “natural deodorizing quality.” According to Racked, the jeans are able to “ward off smells and will help keep your pants going for a few extra wears.”

Along with the scent aspect of the jeans, the coffee also protects the wearer from UV rays. And no, you won’t smell like coffee yourself as the grounds used have been treated to remove any fragrance.

Former Disney star Hudgens shared her excitement on Instagram, posting a photo with her boyfriend Austin Butler both wearing the coffee-made jeans on National Coffee Day drinking, what else?, coffee! Duff also shared the big news on Instagram with a coffee mug selfie, captioning the photo, “Can you believe these jeans are made of recycled coffee grounds? Perfect for #NationalCoffeeDay!”

Ranging in price from $49.95 to $54.95, the jeans will be available to purchase online and in-stores starting October 15.

Now we don’t feel so bad about our morning Starbucks run.