Wyclef Video Pulled Over Tupac Autopsy Image


An autopsy scene in Wyclef’s “April Showers” is so hauntingly real that a YouTube viewer complained and had the entire video removed from the site.

The clip in question shows an opened corpse that looks a lot like an infamous photo from Tupac’s autopsy, Cathy Scott told TMZ.

Scott recognized it because she is the author of The Killing of Tupac Shakur, and she first published that photo in her book in 1997, amid widespread speculation that Tupac was actually still alive.

Much of her book’s notoriety banked on that pic, in fact. Las Vegas police launched an investigation to determine how the photo leaked; Scott never revealed her source — not even when she was offered upwards of $100,000 from tabloid publishers.

And now, she doesn’t appreciate ‘Clef’s alleged use of it.

The thing is, that’s not the photo in the “April Showers” video, Tupac impersonator Richard Garcia told TMZ.

The actor insists that instead of simply lifting a photo from her book, ‘Clef hired him to recreate the scene. The make-up alone took eight hours, he said, and it was all an investment in the video’s anti-gun violence theme.