Yes, That Camera Case Can Be Worn As A Cool Purse

While searching for a new fall bag, I stumbled across a binocular bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company at Madewell. It’s clean lines and solid leather could compete with any saddle bag. I began to ponder if a binocular case can look this chic, what other bag options might we all be missing?

Turns out there are quite a few unexpected ideas for great fall bags worth considering this season!

With a plethora of bag styles trending this season like saddlebags, mini-backpacks, buckets, oversize totes (just to name a few) it might be hard to imagine there might be yet another trend out there. This trend however is more of an extension of the current trends with a utilitarian twist, that might take you outside the handbag department.

A binocular bag or wine tote crafted from fine leather can serve as an inspired take on a classic or the usual go-to tote. If structure is more your thing, a travel valise makes for a cool twist on a top handle satchel, geared up with compartments perfect for keys, mobile devices and make up. Camera bags already selling alongside traditional small styles can provide more options for weekends or a night out.